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Do you want to increase your income and take your place in the e-commerce world?
You can start your profitable Amazon Business from scratch with zero experience and technical skill

If you want to increase your income but you do not know HOW:
- And where to start your first online business on Amazon
- To organize
- What is required to open an Amazon seller account
- What tools needed to conduct product research
- To turn yourself into a successful Amazon seller

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    If you want to start your business in Amazon for a great way to ensure your success with this course

    You will:

  • Not struggle to navigate the complexities of the marketplace on your own
  • Fully understand how the marketplace works from A-Z
  • Not invest your time and energy working on the wrong things
  • Get the practical approach to start and scale a profitable business risk free
  • Learn how to set up your business and How to make more sales
  • Get the best tools and strategies to scale your business faster
  • Get up to date info with the current Amazon trends and most recent sale strategies
  • Learn how to set up your business and How to make more sales
  • Learn from real life and hands on experience
  • Get live mentorship throughout the course

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  • Amazon overview
  • Amazon marketplaces and their evaluation
  • Required competencies for the Amazon business model
  • What are Amazon business models? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Arbitrage
  • Wholesale
  • Private Label
  • Dropshipment
  • Amazon shipping models (FBA and FBM)
  • What is sold on Amazon?
  • What can you do on Amazon? Advantages of doing business in the Amazon marketplace; What are the opportunities this marketplace offers you in your business life?
  • With which business model should we start selling on Amazon? Which business model is more suitable for you?
  • Promotion of Amazon buyer account
  • Promotion of Amazon seller account
  • Overview of products sold on Amazon, examination of sample products, what are the product categories?
  • What will your daily routine work be in the Amazon business model?


  • Those who want to do e-commerce
  • Those who want to earn high income by doing their own business
  • Those who want to open up to the world market with the product they sell
  • Those who want to increase their income by knowing about Amazon
  • Networking people

Who is Gökhan Abra?

After requiring his BA degree in Ankara University Turkey, he completed his masters degree in METU - Middle East Technical University and established his career in London on marketing. For more than 15 years he had the sound experience on international conventional trading while working for his own companies he established with foreign business partnerships. In 2017 he had the exit from his companies operating with conventional sales and marketing models and started trading at Amazon.

For more than 5 years working full time for the companies based on USA especially on Arbitraj business model; enabled him to acquire sound experience and to become an expert on Amazon. In addition to the PL working model with his team based in America, he is also rendering consultancy service to the companies as well as individuals who wants to start and run profitable business in the world of amazon.


  • At the end of this program, you will understand what you can do on Amazon, see Amazon business models and in your next step, you will have the chance to start your new business life at Amazon.


* 8-9-10-14-15 March (interactive online zoom)
18.00- 19:30 (CET)
* Includes 30 minutes one-to-one coaching with Gökhan Abra